Dream, Pilgrimage, Labyrinth, or Carnival

2022, materials from the mid-1980s through late-1990s
Spiral-bound notebook, 9” x 11”, 72 pages, with tipped-in photos, postcards and other material

Paintings from a series titled The Circus Hippolyta are the basis of the pages and are combined with other collaged materials. The book explores the oddities and wonders of the circus in its oldest, most idiosyncratic sense. Through images of sideshow acts, natural (and unnatural) wonders, sights never-before-seen, quotes about the imagination, and texts about the assumptions we make about art and culture, this book connects the human drive toward the unusual and spectacular across cultures and eras, with examples and materials from around the world. Collaged photographs and postcards highlight the contemporary ways oddities abound – from roadside attractions, to wondrous fiberglass creatures, to circus acts “Real and Alive!”

This book is associated with the Circus Hippolyta, 1996 Exhibition, including paintings and decorated boxes.  All characters based on women from Greek mythology.