Supporting Drawings

In the course of working on the drawings in the Anastylosis Project, as well as other projects, I typically make dozens of supporting drawings. Some are studies through which I work out the problems I need to solve. Others are details from the buildings I found intriguing. And still others are simply ideas that captured my attention as stand-alone drawings.

Cathedral Drawings

The Anastylosis Project began with a series of 100 small drawings I made during an extended trip through France and Italy. The cathedrals and monasteries I visited were remarkable places, with almost unlimited things to draw.

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Asian Drawings

Over three-and-a-half years living and working in Thailand, I was fortunate to be able to travel and study throughout the region. The resulting drawings explore and celebrate many influences, powerful iconography, and stunningly beautiful art and architecture.

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Mosaic Drawings

As I’ve traveled through the Mediterranean world working on the Anastylosis Project, I’ve found mosaics almost everywhere. Created over thousands of years in Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, Sicily, and Malta, these intricate works sometimes tell stories, sometimes are “merely” decorative patterns, and sometimes have been the floors over which people have walked for centuries. In many places, these beautiful works have been lost or buried, only recently rediscovered. They are endlessly fascinating.

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