Intersections Print Series

The first drawings in this series were begun during a study trip to France and Italy. The trip’s purpose was to examine the Western idea of Classical Beauty and its manifestations in Roman ruins, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. While traveling I drew details and began to study the underlying geometry of the structures. Upon my return to the studio, I began pairing the images with new drawings of animals and common objects, looking for intersections or relationships between images. The pairings developed as visual meditations on the mathematical underpinnings of design; visual or structural affinities; or suggestions of conceptual connections. The paired drawings are visual riddles with no single answer. The quotes neither explain nor title the images, but rather provide an invitation to contemplation. This group of prints explore a tiny portion of the wealth of images that surround us. Details of European cathedrals have been enriched by pairings with images made during our 4 years in Thailand – exploring similarities and differences in visual cultures.

The images not only describe actual objects, but also represent the physical pleasure of drawing – the interaction of ink, pen, paper and quiet time. They are a visible manifestation of a process of observation and reflection through which I am looking for relationships – between nature and the human world; and the world of art and that of mathematics.

The drawings are printed on Stonehenge 100% rag paper by Modern Printers of Faribault, Minnesota. Each print is then hand-colored by the artist.

The prints are available for sale. Click an image below for size, mat, and pricing information, and to place an order.

Writing meaning
Writing Meaning

“Writing meaning into their work through geometry.” - John James

What is required
What is Required

“What is required of us is the recognition of the frontiers between the centuries. And to take heart: to cross over.” - Archibald Macleish

Universe as a Road
The Universe as a Road

“To know the universe itself as a road – as many roads – as roads for traveling souls.” - Walt Whitman

Time is infinitely just
Time is Infinitely Just

“Time is infinitely just and wise.” - Auguste Rodin

Time and Tides
Time and Tides

“Must time and tides forever run.…” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Powers of the Universe
The Powers of the Universe

“The powers of the universe find many images – tree, rose, lotus, pomegranate…in which to show themselves.” -Roberto Calasso

The meaning of things
The Meaning of Things

“We live not by things, but by the meaning of things.” - Antoine de St.-Exupery

The line
The Line
The building is the shell
The Building is the Shell

“The building is the shell which encloses this space.” - John James

The figure
The Figure

“The figure such as the idea requires.” - Alain de Lille

Texts are not everything
Texts Are Not Everything

“But texts are not everything. The monument itself will reveal some of its secrets to those who know how to seek them.” - Yves Delaporte

Temple bell
Temple Bell

“Here birds are alike with the mountain light, And the mind of man touches peace in a pool, And a thousand sounds are quieted By the breathing of a temple-bell.” - Chang Chien

Smoothness of stone
Smoothness of Stone

“The smoothness of the stone is the story of many waters.” - Kenneth Patton

Swift things
Swift Things

“To all swift things for swiftness did I sue; clung to the whistling mane of every wind.” - Frances Thompson

Out of the stars
Out of the Stars

“Out of the stars we have come, up from time.” - Robert Weston

Outward beauty
Outward Beauty

“One should not take outward beauty for reality.” - Ching Hao

Memory endures
Memory Endures

“But memory endures longer than action.” - Roberto Calasso

Old words
Old Words

“Old words are adequate for all.” - Auguste Rodin

Many numbers
Many Numbers

“The beautiful comes about, little by little, through many numbers.” - Pythagorus

Infinite expectation
Infinite Expectation

“An infinite expectation of the dawn.” - Henry David Thoreau

History is only
History is Only

“History is only a catalog of the forgotten.” - Henry Adams

God was the great geometer
God Was the Great Geometer

“God was the great geometer…” - John James

Geometry like music

“Geometry, like music, is man’s approach to the Divine.” - John James

Every Enigma
Every Enigma

“…at the end, every Enigma finds its explanation according to the laws of the Realistic.” - Umberto Eco

Embarrassment to Reason
Embarrassment to Reason

“The cathedral is an embarrassment to Reason, which fears, on entering it, having to admit the existence of the sacred.” - Francois Cali

Every creature of this earth
Every Creature of this Earth

“Every creature of this earth is like a picture or a book.…” – Alain de Lille

Appearances are deceiving
Appearances are Deceiving

“Appearances are often deceiving.” - Aesop

He dreamed he was a butterfly.
He Dreamed He Was a Butterfly

“The Chinese sage Chuang Tzu dreamt he was a butterfly.” - Joseph Campbell

Add nothing
Add Nothing

“Add nothing, except just what the patterns demand.” - Christopher Alexander

Ancient of Days
Ancient of Days

“Ancient of Days.” - Anonymous