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The first drawings in this series were begun during a study trip to France and Italy. The trip’s purpose was to examine the Western idea of Classical Beauty and its manifestations in Roman ruins, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. While traveling I drew details and began to study the underlying geometry of the structures. Upon my return to the studio, I began pairing the images with new drawings of animals and common objects, looking for intersections or relationships between images. The pairings developed as visual meditations on the mathematical underpinnings of design; visual or structural affinities; or suggestions of conceptual connections. The paired drawings are visual riddles with no single answer. The quotes neither explain nor title the images, but rather provide an invitation to contemplation. This group of prints explore a tiny portion of the wealth of images that surround us. Details of European cathedrals have been enriched by pairings with images made during our 4 years in Thailand – exploring similarities and differences in visual cultures.

The images not only describe actual objects, but also represent the physical pleasure of drawing – the interaction of ink, pen, paper and quiet time. They are a visible manifestation of a process of observation and reflection through which I am looking for relationships – between nature and the human world; and the world of art and that of mathematics.

The drawings are printed on Stonehenge 100% rag paper by Modern Printers of Fairbault, Minnesota. Each print is then hand-colored by the artist.

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