Hmannan Yazawin (The Glass Palace)

Hmannan Yazawin (The Glass Palace) drawing by Mary Griep
Mixed media: Graphite, colored pencil, and gold leaf from the site on Duralar — 5 unframed panels — Overall dimensions: 8’ x 7’

Hmannan Yazawin (The Glass Palace Chronicle of the Kings of Burma)
Thatbyinnyu Temple — Bagan, Burma — Buddhist
Eighteenth drawing in the Anastylosis Project

Researched while artist-in-residence at the Center for the Study of Religion and Culture, Payap University. Chiang Mai, Thailand 2001-2004; additional research 2020; drawn in 2020
Translation of the Hmannan Yazawin by Pe Maung Tin and G.H. Luce, published by Oxford University Press, 1921

This drawing continues the exploration of text and image in a representation of the Thatbyinnyu Temple of Bagan, Burma. As it became clear in 2020 that I would not be traveling in the foreseeable future, I decided that the circumstances presented a wonderful opportunity to delve more deeply into research I had already done. It was time to challenge myself to explore new ways of working and conceptualizing the Anastylosis Project. After 17 drawings, I felt like I had developed a system, but that I didn’t want to waste enforced studio time repeating solutions.

The text describing the construction of the temple, and the ghostly images within and surrounding the temple, are drawn in the sky on the back side of the Duralar.  I am working to include what I have learned about a site more explicitly: showing text, interior details, ground plans, and the surroundings of the temple.