The Glass Palace (Thatbinyinyu)

The Glass Palace 4 © Mary Griep

The possibilities for multiple perspectives opened up by the drawing of Agios Dimitrios and the utilization of transparency in the Ocean Floor and Palimpsest led me to revisit my drawing of Thabinyinyu in Burma. In this new exploration of the Burmese temple (3rd drawing in the Anastylosis Project, completed in 2003), I am using graphite and gold leaf to draw the temple on one side of each sheet, while drawing ghostly representations of stupas and the Pagan landscapes on the reverse side.

The title comes from The Glass Palace Chronicle of the Kings of Burma which was compiled in 1829 by “learned monks, learned brahmins, and learned ministers, who met together and compiled a chronicle which was sifted and prepared in accordance with all credible records in the books.” This drawing uses the example of the Chronicle as I seek to compile numerous visual records into a single image.