Palace of the Governors

Palace of the Governors drawing by Mary Griep
Palace of the Governors - Uxmal, Mexico - Mixed Media - 10' x 3' - 2006

I first visited Uxmal in 1980. The intricate tapestry like carvings of late Mayan buildings inspired me then to create a series of decorative collages. After returning from Southeast Asia in 2004 I was thinking about my next drawing, and The Palace of the Governors came to mind again. The fact that a replica of it was build for the Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, where it inspired Frank Lloyd Wright to think about the relationship of buildings to land was further inspiration to me and made this building a wonderful first Western Hemisphere addition to the Anastylosis Project.

Look for the ghostly remnants of Mayan glyphs in the sky and inserted between stair steps.

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